So a little about me... My passion for cameras started at a very young age with 110 film and flash bulbs and with my curiosity I was able to explore the world with a different view, taking photos of my sister's in their Sunday church dresses, G.I. Joe and He-man figurines. Then as I got older I bought my first film slr, I could do so much more with this new tool and my curiosity got bigger and I could travel, I was inspired by muscle cars, beautiful buildings, landscapes and family. Then one day my whole world was changed when cameras went digital; I rarely go anywhere without it.

For me photography is a way to document, remember and re-live special moments and people in your life. Memories that may have dulled over time or maybe even forgotten, but as soon as you see that photo, you are taken back to that time and place, all the emotions, feelings and senses come back to you. It's amazing how powerful a simple print hanging on a wall can be. This is one way we are able to honor and remember loved ones that have passed or remind us to call ones that seem so far away.

Photography has already given me so many opportunities in my life. I have been able to photograph families, weddings, first communions, sporting events, local talent, bands and recently even to photograph Presidential and Vice President hopefuls.

I'm just simple guy with a love for family and a passion for photography and would love to share my passion with you.